About Us

TimaHealth is a reliable venue for all exporters and importers who are seeking quality services in trading, nuts, fruits, herbs and other food products. Here are some of the best reasons why we can be your unique B2B service provider.

Highly Focused
Unlike many B2B Service Providers which cover a wide variety of fields, we only focus on Fruits, Herb, and food products.
Simple but Efficient
A simple and straightforward design makes it possible for all users to browse our website and find what they want quite easily.
Fast & Accessible
State of the Art Web Development Technology and Cloud Hosting make our website very fast and accessible wherever you use it.
Flexible & Responsive
Responsive Web Design gives you an optimal viewing and interaction experience while you browse our website, no matter which device or screen size you are using.
Truly Multilingual
TimaHealth is a truly Multilingual B2B System. Not only the website’s main pages and menus but also every stock or bits of information on it is multilingual.
Systematic & Coherent
Action Procedures are devised systematically and Trade Information is presented coherently to make you stress free and relax while you are using our services.
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