Suppliers can use TimaHealth’s distribution network to gain access to manufacturers and wholesalers globally. We strongly believe that the only path to a supplier’s enablement is gaining buyer’s trust. That is why buyers usually only choose those suppliers who perform professionally and in accord with industry standards and policies. Our website is a good platform for all suppliers to create their effective presence in B2B markets and gain the needed trust of their buyers.

Cataloging Stocks Easily
Suppliers can easily post their stocks which will be immediately available for potential buyers to browse. Suppliers can always modify, suspend or delete their stocks through their User Accounts.
Attracting Potential Buyers
The simple browsing logic and an efficient search module encourage potential buyers to come and visit our website. This gives you as a supplier a good chance for attracting many potential buyers.
Quoting Prices Professionally
Thanks to the advanced messaging center, quoting prices to buyers’ enquiries has been made quite an easy task for our suppliers.
Accelerating Sales Cycle
Due to the highly efficient and accessible nature of TimaHealth system, dealing with buyers and handling the sophisticated B2B sales cycle can be accelerated greatly.
Simple Account Management
Simple and straightforward User Account menus help suppliers to easily and effectively manage their activities and communications.
And yet more to come soon!
Good news is that in an on-going basis, we are adding more modules to TimaHealth System including a sophisticated Report System, an Order System, etc.
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