Trade Services

Trusting an unknown trading partner in a different country always involves some uncertainly and risk. By the same token, quality, authenticity and purity of products are also other related important concerns of all international buyers in today’s B2B market. To properly address such concerns, TimaHealth is providing some complementary services for trading partners.

Forwarding Samples
Samples are an essential tool by which clients can apprehend stock representation and different grade yields. TimaHealth has set up a network of forwarding agents specialized in forwarding export samples and sets of samples to its international customers.
Facilitating Supervisions & Lab Tests
Through its affiliates and third party contractors, TimaHealth offers the services of independent laboratories to all international buyer and help them perform contractual analysis swiftly and accurately.
Preparing & Reviewing Contracts
To make the trading experience safe, and to prevent future arguments in advance, our team can draft and prepare for you legally binding trade agreements and contracts.
Acting as a Sourcing Agent
TimaHealth can also act as your sourcing agent. Upon your request, we will find best foreign suppliers of your needed products to reduce your costs and facilitate your greater competitiveness.
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